Tehran (IP) - A ceremony of 15th anniversary of Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day kicked off on Saturday in Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the ceremony, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, all of the country's nuclear activities are peaceful and for civilian purposes.

The President stated that Iran's goals in the nuclear industry had been clear, adding that this technology had been used in other sectors and was used in industry, agriculture, medicine, energy, and electricity. "If the other party thinks correctly, their concern is illogical. This unjustifiable concern for 16 years has caused trouble for the Iranian nation. If this wrong thinking was not in their minds and they were convinced of what is the history of the Iranian nation, that they pay special attention to religious and moral issues, they would have skipped this issue as well."

Meanwhile, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said that the infrastructure of the nuclear industry was maintained with high sensitivity.

Ali-Akbar Salehi stated that despite all the restrictions and pressures caused by illegal and oppressive sanctions imposed by the ill-wishers of Islamic Iran, various projects in diverse fields of nuclear science had been vigorously pursued. 101

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