Tabriz (IP) - The largest contemporary museum in Iran, entitled "Heydar Baba Art Gallery," is located in the area of the Tomb of the Poets of Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran.

Iran PressIran news: The largest contemporary museum of Iran in Tabriz has 25 modern works, 14 composite works as well as a number of works related to the folklore (oral traditions and culture of a nation) in the East and West Azerbaijan provinces by Ahad Hosseini.

The models of pottery retouches and statues related to the first millennium BC, tourist items, some world figures, world cup, topics of science and knowledge, world hunger and poverty, national figures and literature of the Azerbaijan region have been displayed in the largest contemporary museum in Iran in Tabriz.

The largest contemporary museum in Iran is one of the new tourist attractions in Tabriz, which along with other historical and cultural attractions, has added to the unique tourism potential of East Azerbaijan province.


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