Eshtehard (IP) – Eshtehard stone houses in Alborz Province are one of the sights of this city in the west of Tehran Province, representing a part of people's lives in ancient times.

Iran Press/Iran News: Eshtehard stone house complex includes rooms in the heart of rocky mountains. This complex is located in an area called 'Daylar'. These stone houses date back to pre-Islamic times.

Eshtehard stone houses are decayed due to rain and climate change, and today some of these houses remain intact and are considered part of Eshtehard's historical monuments.

Stone houses are one of the types of house building in ancient times that were built by digging tunnels in stones.

One of the most important stone villages in Iran is Kandovan village in East Azarbaijan Province. Life is going on in the rocky village of Kandovan, but the stone houses of Eshtehard are uninhabitable. 101

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