Deputy FM:

Tehran (IP) - Iran Deputy Foreign Minister said on Saturday: "At the moment, we are not interested in making any direct contact and we think that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the right format and the talks should be conducted in that very format."

Iran Press/Iran News: "We do not have a specific position on this transfer of power between the two governments," Abbas Araghchi told the La Repubblica newspaper about the transfer of power in the United States and the Trump supporters' attack on Congress, Iran press reported.

"We are just waiting to see how the new US President wants to correct Trump's wrong positions," highlighted Araghchi.

"What we saw during the attack on Congress raises the question of whether it is really the United States that wants to teach the world what 'rules of law' and 'democracy' are," he said, adding "What happened in Washington shows us the true face of American democracy. It is now clear that they have no right to tell anyone in the world how to solve political problems at home."

"Iran's request is realistic, and that is for the United States to lift sanctions and return to the nuclear deal," the senior diplomat said of Iran's request to the Biden administration regarding the JCPOA.

I do not see any other alternative. We negotiated in good faith and acted in good faith to JCPOA. It is the new US administration’s turn to make up for the mistakes of the previous administration.

 "The United States must lift all sanctions in order to return to the nuclear deal," he said. We are ready to fulfill all our obligations under the UN Security Council, provided that the Americans live up to their commitments and lift the sanctions."

Asked if he had any secret contacts with the new US administration, He said: "No, we have not had any contact and we have no intention for that. Naturally, we expect them to be fully in their posts and then start working."

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister continued: "Currently, we have no interest in having any direct contact and we think that JCPOA is the right format and the talks should be conducted in that format."

Regarding the efforts of the European members to reach a nuclear agreement on non-outcome issues in JCPOA, Araqchi said: "There will be no Plus JCPOA, no new agreement, no new negotiations on it."

He also went on to call Iranian missiles as the "only reliable defense tool for Iran, and there is no negotiation on this issue."

"On other issues, everything depends on how the nuclear deal will be implemented, according to Iran's chief negotiator. Regarding the security of the Persian Gulf, this is an issue that can be the subject of dialogue between the countries of the region without foreign interference. Regional security can be discussed collectively," Said Iran’ chief negotiator.

Italy has always been one of Iran's first trading partners

Araghchi also mentioned about the relations between Iran and Italy as Iran and Italy have always had good relations and there has been mutual respect between them. Italy has always been one of Iran's first trading partners. If sanctions are lifted, economic relations between the two countries could resume.

He concluded: "If the sanctions are not lifted, the two countries can in any case create mechanisms to strengthen their relations."


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