Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the 1400 Budget Integration Commission in Iran’s parliament said that a 25-percent salary increase for employees (except doctors) is approved in the commission.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Rahim Zare stated that tax payment is also defined for various groups, those with under 4 million Tomans salary would not pay any tax, 4-8 m 10 percent, 8-12m 20 percent, 12-24m 25 percent, 24-32m 30 percent and over 32 million are obliged pay 35 percent tax.

Zare noted that in 1400 (the new year in the Persian calendar), all the banks and credit institutes are obliged to reconstruct 100 thousand rural and urban (with less than 25 thousand population) houses.

He pointed out that the budget Integration Commission has not yet determined the rest of the revenue sources from subsidies and is scheduled to do it in the next session of the commission on expenditures in medicine, livelihood, poverty reduction, family population policy, guaranteed wheat purchase, and those who have been suffered from the coronavirus outbreak.

Zare highlighted that 429 billion Tomans are allocated to subsidiaries out of which 79,000 billion Tomans will be deducted for oil and its fabrications, medicine, poverty decrease, jobs which have been suffered from the coronavirus, the Health Ministry, State Welfare Organization (SWO), and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


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