Tehran (IP) - Iranian parliament speaker said that the Palestinian cause is regarded as the 21st century's ideal for the Muslim world.

Iran Press/Iran News: Today, no issue is as important as the Quds' liberation for the Muslim world, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf pointed out.

The US-Zionist plot known as the Deal of the Century has failed, he noted.

Awakening nations with a rich Islamic culture will not let the Zionists take over the region, he underlined.

Iranian parliament speaker underscored that the enemies seek to target the unity of the Islamic Ummah by imposing sanctions, taking unilateral actions, threatening, and intimidating.

No one witnesses the support and assistance of the oppressed people of Palestine, he said, adding a few rulers are helping Zionist settlement projects by ignoring the rights of the Palestinians by establishing political, economic, commercial, and even military-security relations.


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