Tehran (IP) - Iranian First Vice President emphasized that a letter prepared in the cabinet would be sent to the head of the Guardian Council about the parliament's plan regarding nullifying sanctions and nuclear issues.

Iran Press/Iran News: Eshaq Jahangiri answering Iran Press on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, said that the nuclear issue has been on the agenda of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for more than two decades and that the Leader's decision under the constitution was that Supreme National Security Council to manage the nuclear case.

"The nuclear issue is one of the most fundamental issues of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many countries are involved in this issue. Even we, as the government, were informed about the reports in the Security Council. Otherwise, the government would have had no role in the decision making in order to be unified management," Iranian First Vice President emphasized.

Jahangiri stated that the Supreme National Security Council's approvals would enter into force after being approved by the Leader, so it is not expedient in the government's opinion that the parliament has intervened in this matter. Especially after 2018, when the Americans withdrew from the JCPOA and imposed heavy economic pressures and maximum pressure.

The first vice president said that the Islamic Republic, with the strategy outlined by the Leader of the Revolution and, of course, the strategy of intelligent maximum resistance against the strategy of maximum pressure, made the maximum pressure of the enemy ineffective. We should not change the nuclear management at this time because it puts a lot of pressure on the country.

On the other hand, the president, the foreign minister, and the Atomic Energy Organization head have mandates as the executive branch. Jahangiri noted

"The legislation is the right of the parliament, and implementation of the laws is the right of the government. Parliament should not interfere in executive affairs. As the separation of powers is stipulated in the constitution, the president, as elected by the people, has the mandate to act in accordance with the various principles of the constitution. The Foreign Minister has the mandate and, of course, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization. It should not deal emotionally with the nuclear issue," Iranian First Vice President said.

In response to Iran Press, Jahangiri noted that the plan of the parliament would be discussed if it is finalized.

In Tuesday's open session of the parliament, Iranian lawmakers adopted the outline of the 9-article strategic plan action to nullify sanctions with 251 votes in favor and stressed the need for its immediate implementation.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, on Wednesday in the weekly cabinet meeting, expressed the government's opposition to yesterday's Parliament's bill on nullifying sanctions and said this bill is harmful to Iran's diplomatic activities in the International arena.


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