IRIB official:

Tehran (IP)- Deputy Head of IRIB's Development and Technology Department said Iran Press News Agency will have a significant and deserved presence in the international arena.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with IP, Reza Alidadi said the international presence of the Iran Press news agency has led to the break-down of the arrogant powers' media monopoly and the truth is told the way other than the western media narrate to the audience. 

"In the international arena, media competition is a serious one and everyone has their own narrative of a subject, scene, and event, and the presence of Iran Press news agency at the international level in the field of news and information will have a good and worthy impact," he reiterated.

Reza Alidadi added: "We are trying to solve the problems of Iran Press, like other news agencies of IRIB, in order to provide better conditions for this news agency."

The 17th Media Technology Summit kicks off virtually as of Sunday, he reported, saying the summit has had good results in the field of media, and the IRIB has so far won the Higher Media Industry Award from the ABU International Summit. 

He referred to Iran's slogan of the year 'Surge in Production' and noted that IRIB is trying to put the production of domestic media equipment on agenda stating that currently, a major part of the national media equipment is home-made. 

The IRIB official said the purpose of TV networks is to increase the visual quality of networks, which is being done in domestic networks, adding that in the World Service, the last network that became HD, was Al-Alam, which in terms of visual quality is beyond its rival networks.


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