Tehran (IP) - Hezbollah is a genuine Lebanese indigenous movement in Lebanon, and no country can boycott part of Lebanese society, says Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman.

Iran PressIran news: Commenting on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to the region, including the occupied territories in West Bank, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Sunday: "Such trips may be more relevant to some future political gains than to pursuing a failed US policy."

The Arab League and the Syrian government have condemned Pompeo's visit to Palestine’s occupied territories in the West Bank and the occupied portion of Syria’s Golan Heights, describing it as a clear violation of international law. 

The remarks by the Arab League came on Thursday after Pompeo became the first US secretary of state to visit the Israeli occupied Golan Heights after an unprecedented stop in the occupied West Bank.

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The Iranian diplomat added: "The US Secretary of State's visit to the occupied territories is a bitter issue, and if it were not for the betrayal of some Arab rulers and leaders, the US Secretary of State would not have gone to the occupied territories today and would not have violated all UN resolutions and whitewash Israel's inhuman acts.”

“The betrayal of some of these rulers and the shamelessness of the current regime in the White House are two sides of the same coin, and those who provided this space for the United States must be held accountable,” he noted.

“Iran condemns both Pompeo's remarks and his visit, and all countries must abide by the Palestinian cause,” added Khatibzadeh.

Referring to Iran's cooperation with Syria, he said: "Committees have followed up on this, and the faster the Syrian reconstruction process accelerates, the sooner the suffering of Syria will end."

In response to a question about the UAE and Bahrain, the spokesman said: "They are making very humble efforts to win the hearts of the Zionists. Iran is not a country being indifferent about its national security. Hezbollah is a genuine Lebanese indigenous movement in Lebanon, and no country can boycott part of Lebanese society, and the more they fall into the hands of the Zionists, the better they will know who is striving for the dignity of Muslims and the Arab world and who is humiliated by Muslims."

Referring to Iran’s defense policy, Khatibzadeh said that Tehran's policy has not been to export weapons and has acted responsibly in defense cooperation.

Famine in Yemen

Referring to Yemen, the foreign ministry spokesman said: "Saudi Arabia has been killing the innocent people of Yemen for several years and has put the country in a state of famine, and hundreds of independent international reports cited on how it bombed Yemen with cluster bombs  and some cities, regions and neighborhoods in Yemen have been bombed more than 17 times.”

Today, they surround all of Yemen, and not only do they not welcome any attempt to resolve the Yemeni crisis, but they also try to hamper it.

He added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the only solution to the Yemeni crisis to be the recognition of the Yemeni people’s will and the Yemeni talks and the use of international processes, and it stands proudly by the Yemeni people."


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