Zahedan (IP) - Mohsen Baharvand, Deputy Minister for Legal and International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that good neighborliness policy is one of the main policies of the Islamic Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs implements it.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking in the opening ceremony of the Foreign Ministry's mission in Zahedan on Tuesday evening Mr. Baharvand said: "Borders should not be a line for separation but should be a point for the continuity of progress and development."

"Border provinces such as Sistan and Baluchestan have an important role in establishing relations and interaction with neighboring countries and consult with local people," he stated.

The Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs said that ways to work more closely with neighbors should be explored and operationalized.

"We have good relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan at all levels," he said. "Security is very important and should be strengthened at the borders."

According to Baharvand "Water and its supply are another issues that neighboring countries such as Afghanistan are expected to pay attention to and help."

He pointed to the joint investment and the desire for the economic development of neighboring countries and said: "Investment and development will make us witness the welfare and prosperity of the people, especially the border residents."

Dialogue among civilizations leading to the development

Ahmad Ali Mohabati, the governor of Sistan and Baluchestan, was one of the other speakers at the ceremony and said in his speech: "The establishment of the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the province provides the ground for dialogue and solves many problems in various fields."

Mohabati stressed that the Islamic Republic has invested one billion dollars in Shahid Beheshti port so that with the establishment of this port, we can witness the development and progress of the region.

He stated that 50% of Makran beaches belong to Iran and 50% to Pakistan, and said: "The Leader of the Revolution has a special view of the whole beach."

The governor of Sistan and Baluchestan stated: "The President of Afghanistan considers Chabahar a valuable opportunity to save his country and special attention needs to be paid to this opportunity."

"Afghanistan has many rich mines that can be used to develop the city of Chabahar," the governor concluded.


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