Tehran (IP) - Iran's Presidential Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi on Tuesday called August 19, 1953 Coup as the sign of US mischief and irresponsible interference.

Iran PressIran news: Tuesday, August 19, 1953 marks as the anniversary of the US-led coup which had been orchestrated against the then-Iranian government.

On August 19, 1953, a number of Iranian army forces under the Shah through enjoying the cooperation of the United States and Britain, overthrew the government of 'Mohammad Mossadeq' and re-enthroned 'Mohammad Reza Pahlavi'.

On Tuesday, Vaezi wrote on his personal page on Instagram that sixty-seven years ago, on this day, the Americans overthrew the elected government of the Iranian people by contributing in a shameful coup.

Vaezi added that the coup of August 19, 1953, was neither the first nor the last American intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, however, in the minds of the Iranian people, this event is a symbol of American mischief and irresponsible interventions.

Iran's Presidential Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi pointed out that twenty-five years after that black day, the Iranians organized a revolution that closed the way to any foreign interference in the affairs of the country and the fate of the people.

Despite the passage of years, the Iranian nation is loyal to the same pact, and the independence and denial of foreign domination is the national pact of all Iranians, and this is a fact that many will sooner or later be forced to accept.     207/216

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