Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Sayyed Abbas Mousavi stated on Thursday that the 25-year cooperation agreement with China is a perspective for long-term future relations between the two countries.

Iran Press/Iran News: Sayyed Abbas Mousavi described China as an important country in the east of Asia, saying: "As Iran is an important country in the west of Asia, China has also numerous potential capacities and it will become the world's first economic power soon."

Referring to the recent negative reactions from the US government and some European countries towards the Iran-China agreement, Mousavi added: "This is natural as enemies have tried to hinder the cooperation between the Islamic Republic with the world."

He also talked about European passivity towards the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), stressing that "the Islamic Republic of Iran took 5 steps to create the balance and if the European countries meet their obligations, Iran will continue to the bilateral relations with them."

Mousavi expressed his hope that the European countries would commit to their obligations to save JCPOA.

Talking about the crises and upheavals of the West Asia region, he said that Iran is always worried about the situation and peace of the region.

"The regional security is only achievable through the convergence of countries in the region," Mousavi underlined.


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