The Ansarullah political bureau today (Saturday) issued a statement condemning the attack of US fighter jets on a Mahan airliner in Syrian airspace, calling it a violation of international agreements.

Iran Press/Middle East: The statement, published on Ansarullah's official website, said that US insurgency and the continuing violation of Syrian sovereignty is an aggressive approach and the brutal behavior of a criminal regime that violates all international norms and laws.

Emphasizing that the option of resistance is the most effective and powerful option against arrogance, the movement declared: "Aggressive countries should not be allowed to violate the rights of nations and the sovereignty of their lands in Syria or any other country."

The statement also stressed the solidarity of the Yemeni people and their stand with the Syrian freedom-seekers to counter the destructive US and Israeli projects in the region.

On Thursday evening, two American fighters harassed a Mahan passenger plane (Tehran-Beirut) in the Syrian skies, forcing the flight to make an emergency landing in Beirut.

The passenger flight number 1152, which was flying from Tehran to Beirut, was harassed by American fighters and was forced to reduce its speed and emergency landing at Beirut airport. As a result of this accident, a number of passengers on the flight were injured and after landing, they were taken to medical centers.


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