The World Health Organization director-general has warned that next week the number of Coronavirus infected cases around the world could reach 10 million.

Iran PressEurope: Speaking in a press conference, Tedros Adhanom said that he expects the number of Coronavirus cases around the world, now at approximately 9.3 million, to reach 10 million next week.

With the number of confirmed cases already at 9.1 million, the global health body warned it expected to reach the grim milestone within the next seven days.

"In the first month of this outbreak, less than 10,000 cases were reported to WHO," he sais adding: "In the last month, almost four million cases have been reported."
Dr. Mike Ryan, head of the WHO emergency program, in the same presser said that the pandemic for many countries in the Americas had not yet peaked and that it was 'still intense', especially in Central and South America.

The death toll from Covid-19 worldwide has already surpassed 470,000. 

The US has seen the highest number of deaths, with more than 121,000 recorded. 207

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