Tehran (IP) - The Israeli occupation of Palestine will not last long, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the eve of Quds Day.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhnai said that Iranians will never accept the decades-long suppression of Palestinians.

The President said that this year, on International Quds Day, we will convey the voice of the oppressed people of Palestine to the world in any way possible, noting that we are always at contention with the oppressors and support the oppressed of the world.

"Quds Day this year will be marked by conditions in the so-called white zones, which are Friday prayers, and people will go to Friday prayers there to convey their call and the call of the oppressed people of Palestine to the world," he added.

"Even those who are in non-white zones, again through cyberspace or real space within the framework that is possible will fulfill their responsibility, and we will not forget that main goal under any circumstances," the president said.

Rouhani added, "One of the main pillars of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran is to stand against the oppressors and stand up for the oppressed."

"The Palestinian people have been displaced from their homes for more than 70 years," he said, adding "Their homes have been seized. They are oppressed every day by oppressors, and the world's arrogant powers, especially the United States, have always supported the oppressors, the Zionists, racism, apartheid, and worked against the oppressed, but we believe that the right will prevail over the wrong."

The president noted," There is a lot of pressure on the Palestinian people and every day a new conspiracy is being hatched by the United States against Muslims and the Palestinian people. But at the same time, the Palestinian people's firm will and resilience will continue, and sooner or later, they will gain victory, and we will celebrate this very important day."

He emphasized, "Quds will not be forgotten. Quds will not remain under the occupation of the oppressors. The land of Palestine will one day be liberated. By no means do we will not accept the operation and aggression. Even today, this call is as loud as possible. We will celebrate this very important day of Quds."

Rouhani further referred to the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan and said: "We should be happy with the situation that has happened to our two neighbors these days."

"The Iraqi people were in trouble due to the conditions of the government and the formation of a new government. An agreement was reached in Iraq between Shia, Sunni, Kurdish and Arab groups, based on which a government was formed that this would be a good step for the stability of Iraq and the economic exhilaration of this country in these difficult days, and we as brother and friend and neighbors have always been by Iraq's side, and we will be," Rouhani emphasized.

He added, "On our eastern border, the differences that existed in Afghanistan were solved and led to an understanding and agreement that we hope will establish stability and security in this country."

"We are most sensitive to the fate of the Afghan people because we have made a great contribution to helping the people of this country during these 42 years and in the jihad of their Mujahideen during their jihad, and today we are with them as brothers and we have been serving even Afghan immigrants during this time and we are serving again," the President noted. 101

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