Tehran (IP) - Commandant of the Army's University of Command and Staff Amir Hossein Valivand Zamani called the United States an uninvited guest in the Persian Gulf region.

Iran PressIran News: On the sideline of a meeting celebrating the Persian Gulf National Day and examining the consequences of the US presence in the region, Amir Hossein Valivand Zamani told reporters that "The Persian Gulf is like a big old house that has 8 independent doors and rooms and a yard that is shared by these eight neighbors. If a guest comes to this yard, it has to leave after a while because the guest is not there for a permanent presence.”

"We have an uninvited guest in the yard of this house," said the Commandant of the Army's University of Command and Staff (DAFOOS), noting “Maybe one or two neighbors are happy, but certainly not the rest.

"This uninvited guest is now the United States in the Persian Gulf region which must leave. Also, conditions must be created so that everyone wants this uninvited guest to leave the Persian Gulf,” he added.

"Certainly we, as the owners of the big room of this house, want the US and all foreigners to leave this place, and we believe that we can easily ensure the security of the Persian Gulf region."

“We guarantee the security of the Persian Gulf with the help of the navy of the army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and in cooperation with other neighbors and the countries with which we have a military alliance.”


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