Tehran (IP)- Brigadier General Amir Hatami who attended the "Parade of Service" ceremony on the occasion of Iran's Army Day on Friday commemorated the day and said due to the health protocols, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani could not join the march and parade but issued a statement.

Iran PressIran News: Based on the statement, Brigadier General Hatami said today the world's armies are not in a fight with anyone but with a hidden enemy engulfing all people's life.

The virus is a common enemy for all and the world and this commonality has made the fight as sacred, he said. 

The Army, be it at war, peace, hospitals, streets helps the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). At 8-year imposed war rich and poor, young and old defended Iran while the enemy was fighting face to face but now they all have to fight the hidden enemy "Virus" and Iranians support them, Iran's Minister of Defence Hatami said according to the statement.

He praised the Parade of Service as valuable throughout history and said the army is ready to sacrifice their lives and back people during floods, earthquakes, and natural disasters.


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