Sarakhs (IP) - Iranian experts have increased the harvest of crops and their productivity and prevented soil erosion by adding nutrients to the plants; one of which is the 'Sulfur bentonite' fertilizer that helps produce five tons of wheat per hectare.

Iran PressIran news: Sulfur is the fourth element needed by plants to grow. The use of sulfur for farmlands with a high pH level has a significant impact on soil quality regulation and improving plant nutrition.

Hundreds of products can be processed by using Sulfur in different parts, one of which is 'Sulfur bentonite' fertilizer.

Hashemi-Nezhad (Khangiran) Gas Refinery Company in Sarakhs, Khorasan Razavi province, produces 2,400 tons of sulfur in 24 hours, which is exported to some neighboring countries in addition to supplying domestic demand.


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