Deputy director for Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) referred to the spread of the coronavirus, saying that all passengers traveling from China and East Asia are examined by the border health station at the airport.

Iran Press/Iran news: IKIA has adopted preventive measures against coronavirus since Friday including checking temperatures and registering all passengers flying from China and East Asian countries, said the deputy director for the airport operations at IKAC on Saturday.

Passengers with high temperatures will be guided to the airport city's designated medical facilities for anti-coronavirus measures, said Hassan Khoshkhoo according to IKAC News.

IKIA adopts anti-Coronavirus measures

In IKIA, health officials are increasing surveillance at international entry points using thermal scanning machines to screen people as they arrive.

He added that this sensitivity is less implemented in other flights; for instance, the passengers arriving from Dubai to IKIA are also randomly checked.

IKIA adopts anti-Coronavirus measures

Imam Khomeini International Airport has flights to four cities in China per week.

At least 41 have died and over 800 been infected by the coronavirus, which has been spreading across China.

IKIA adopts anti-Coronavirus measures

The East Asian country stepped up measures on Friday to contain the virus, with public transport suspended in 10 cities, the shutting of temples and the rapid construction of a hospital to treat the infected.

Some famous temples have been closed due to the virus. Beijing also canceled two Lunar New Year temple fairs and closed the Forbidden City, the capital's most famous tourist attraction.

IKIA adopts anti-Coronavirus measures

Also, there have been reports of the virus all over the world. France confirmed three cases of coronavirus Friday, marking the first confirmed diagnoses in Europe. Australia also confirmed its first case of coronavirus, and a second case was confirmed in the United States.


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