UN calls on US to lift limitations on Iranian diplomats

The United Nations General Assembly has demanded for the removal of the limitations by the US government over Iranian diplomats posted to the UN Headquarters in New York, USA.

Iran Press/Iran News: In a resolution sponsored by the member states including Cyprus, Bulgaria, Canada, and Ivory Coast, and approved by consensus without being put to voted, the UN member states also condemned non-issuance of visas to Russian diplomats.

The non-mandatory UNGA resolution does not specify any country whose diplomats are targeted by the US limitations, but it refers to the limitations against Iranian and Russian foreign ministry staff, a diplomat was quoted saying by AFP.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who was in New York in September to take part in the UN General Assembly sessions was limited to commute in a narrow zone between the UN Headquarters and a six-block zone around the Iranian envoy's residence.



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