Chief Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army stated that the enemy pursues the psychological war by exploiting people's livelihood and economic problems.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at a ceremony to award military epaulet to army school students on Sunday, Major General Seyyed Abdul-Rahim Mousavi said: "The contemporary era is full of different events and developments, but the turning point of this era is, of course, the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution."

General Mousavi added: "Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran, the world was divided between the two superpowers of the East and the West, who were deciding for all nations, and our beloved Iran was no exception."

"The Islamic Revolution of Iran, relying on religious teachings and people's will, called for independence, becoming the flagship of the confrontation with world arrogance," the top commander stated.

"From the very first days of the Islamic Revolution, the World Domination System, led by the US, did everything it could against the Iranian people, but the revolution turned into a forty-year-old tree with the divine power of nascent revolution that no hurricane could harm," General Mousavi continued.

Pointing to the young graduates of army schools, he concluded: "Your motivation and efforts are a symbol of hope, joy, vitality, and courage. Your presence in the line of defense of the ideals of the revolution is a symbol of the eternal defense of the revolutionary system and the constant adherence to revolutionary values."


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