Iran's young scientists have managed to indigenize the UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer, a scientific instrument used to measure the spectra of microscopic samples.

Iran Press/Iran News: A team of young elite scientists at Alzahra University Innovation Center in Tehran, led by Maryam Bahraini, succeeded in indigenizing the device after months of trying.

The device has a variety of uses in medical biology and various industries, but its import has been banned due to the US sanctions on Iran.

The device has already reached the commercialization stage.

Microspectrophotometers are designed to measure UV-visible-NIR spectra of microscopic samples or microscopic areas using different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

The instruments can be configured to measure transmittance, absorbance, reflectance, light polarization, fluorescence or other types of luminescence such as photoluminescence of sample areas less than a micrometer in diameter through a modified optical microscope.

The high-tech instrument can measure the optical spectra of samples with a spatial resolution on the micron scale. The measurements are made without destroying the samples.

This is important when dealing with stained/unstained histological or cytochemical biological sections when measuring film thickness in semiconductor integrated circuits, when matching paints and fibers in forensic science, when studying gems and coal in geology, and in paint/ink/color analysis in paint chemistry or art-work.


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