Iran's Majlis speaker said that the American statesmen have repeatedly taken steps to confront international law norms in various eras and by various means.

Iran Press/Europe: Speaking at the one hundred and forty-first session of the World Inter-Parliamentary Union in Belgrade, Ali Larijani said Monday that the American statesmen have consistently undermined, violated, and in some cases refused to accept international law.

"The international legal system, the principle of multilateralism and human rights have faced an unprecedented challenge," Larijani added.

He emphasized that the future of the international law system and, consequently, the international order depend on the commitment and responsibility of each state and its parliaments and collective effort, saying that collective efforts to uphold international law were no longer merely a rational and objective option, rather, they are the only way to uphold commitments and to comply with binding standards, ensure global sovereignty and respect for humanity and, which of course, require effective mechanisms to counter and punish violations of international law and norms.

Larijani went on to say, "One serious problem is the use by some governments of economic sanctions that have caused serious damage to international rules and obligations, in particular in many cases the use of unilateral, illegal sanctions or Economic Terrorism as a means of furthering the illegitimate foreign policy goals of some powers and as there is no strict punishment in international criminal law for such actions, the practice has seriously damaged human rights."

Iran's Majlis speaker emphasized that the approach had jeopardized world peace, stability, and security; saying the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, suspending arms control agreements with Russia, and trade agreements with China and Europe, indicated that the regime is not bound by international rules and obligations.

He said: "The clear and concrete example of violations of international law and law, is the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement and its aftermath imposition of unilateral and illegal economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran; Surprisingly, this government has not been content with these unlawful acts and has made extensive efforts to align other countries with its terrorist policy against the Iranian nation."

Larijani reiterated, "Although the United Nations, numerous countries and many international organizations and human rights bodies have opposed these sanctions, the point is that despite these objections, none of the international legal bodies, have taken effective measures to counter and stop economic terrorism, which is in breach of international law."

"International relations are like chess boards"

"American officials need to understand that international relations is like a chessboard in which actors never leave the game and each move will have a counter-move," he said.

The Speaker of Parliament noted, "Another example is the illegal creation of terrorist networks for political purposes; today the United States cannot deny that it has created ISIL to adventure in Syria and Iraq."

Larijani said the acknowledgment by former the US Secretary of State, of the White House's role in the formation of ISIL and the repeated endorsement of the reality by the current US president are enough; this terrorist thinking inflicted the greatest material and spiritual blow on the people of these countries and some other countries.

He emphasized that the Iranian people rallied at the request of the Iraqi and Syrian governments and suppressed these savage terrorists. But the question is, shouldn't the main cause of this group be punished? Basically, the Security Council, which is responsible for world peace and security, should do so, but the problem is that the main factor itself has a decisive role in the body.

US illegal interference in Syria

Larijani reiterated, "One of the ironies of the day is that the US intervenes in Syria without any legal means and under the pretext of suppressing terrorism! Of course, the White House regime has a long history of magic; the main result of this debate is that we lack an effective legal mechanism to safeguard international rights and obligations."

"Another example is the brutal and inhumane treatment of the Zionist regime with the oppressed Palestinian nation that has displaced millions of Palestinians and destroyed their sacred sites over the decades. But instead of punishing the Israeli terrorist regime, the US government presents a ruthless and fake plan of the Great Deal of the Century as a reward for this oppressive regime," Larijani said.

"Think for a moment why multiple peace initiatives cannot be realized؟ Especially the fake plan, which was aborted before birth because it was not based on the just rights of the Palestinian people and was put forward for other purposes."

"These are examples of the pains and harms of the international legal system and obligations; some politicians, such as current US politicians, think they can cover up their tyranny by playing a propaganda campaign, or by playing a game of regional insecurity. But they must know that these are tactical gains that are outdated, and that long-term insecurity and the formation of terrorist gangs will continue to plague them," Larijani concluded.


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