Zakzaky speaks on return to Nigeria

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) who has reportedly returned to Nigeria, expressed hope that his return would be for the best.

Iran Press/Africa: Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky was in New Delhi, India to receive medical treatment.

In a video said to have been recorded before the cleric boarded his return flight to Nigeria, Zakzaky said he was informed earlier that he and his wife would have to leave the Asian country, News media reported.

“You have already heard the messages regarding the ultimatum we were given of either we agree to be treated here on their terms or return home,” he said in Hausa.

Sheikh Zakzaky added, “So a bit earlier they came here as inform us that they have decided to take us back to Nigeria. And now it is almost 10pm (Indian time) and they have said they will come at 11:30 to take us to the airport in order to take us back to Abuja, this is what they have decided.”


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