First Vice President: Top priority for government is non-oil exports promotion

Iran's first Vice President has said promotion of non-oil exports is the main priority of the country.

Iran Press/Iran news: Es’hagh Jahangiri said boosting and promoting the export of goods and services is the main priority of the country.

Speaking in a meeting of Supreme Council of Non-Oil Exports Promotion on Monday, Iran's first Vice President stated: "Promoting exports is the most important driving force of production boom," adding: "capability of exporting products, goods, and services to the regional and international markets is one of the salient indicators behind success and progress of countries," Mehr News Agency reported.

"Today, the export of products is a vital issue that should be taken into serious consideration," he said, adding: "Effective steps should be taken in order to offer high-quality products to the international markets."

Jahangiri pointed to the significance of exporting non-oil products in the current year (which started on 21 March 2019) and emphasized that promotion of export of goods and services is the main and vital priority of the country, so that businesses and managers of top industrial and manufacturing firms should take this issue into consideration.

He pointed to the significance of neighbouring countries and target markets in the promotion of trade and taking advantage of capacity of neighbouring countries to increase exports and called on the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to use the excellent capabilities of Iran Chamber of Commerce to draw up strategies to remove export barriers and facilitate trade exchanges.

"The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade is tasked with promoting exports," Jahangiri added.


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