IP- China has accused the US, the UK, and Australia of undermining peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region due to their development of hypersonic weapons, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on April 6.

Iran PressAsia: According to a Research Fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences ' Institute of World Economics and International Relations, high-technology programs announced by AUKUS demonstrate a rather solid approach to the all-encompassing confrontation with an outlook on the future Dmitry Stefanovich, Russian-language business daily Vedomosti reported.

The directions the three countries are operating in are all very pertinent, and they have been pouring their resources into them for years. That said, the stress on tri-lateral cooperation emphasizes that today nobody can work in all these innovative directions at once on the national level alone, the expert explained.

In his opinion, the arms race in the Asia-Pacific region is, above all, a qualitative one, and many parties participate in it in various ways. The expert thinks that the situation does not look stable, yet hope remains that all the parties involved will recognize the "security dilemma," that is, that others would perceive any investment in boosting one’s own security as undermining their security.

AUKUS’ new technological programs will lead to a clearer demarcation of adversarial blocs in the region, according to Alexander Yermakov, a military expert with the Russian International Affairs Council. China will also invest in creating new armaments in response to Western developments. The expert notes that this initiative by AUKUS may cause all countries in the region to step up their defense spending.


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