Apple doesn’t make video games, but it has become the hottest player in gaming.

Iran PressSci & Tech: Apple Inc. doesn’t make hot videogames such as “Fortnite,” or consoles such as the Xbox. But with little fanfare, Chief Executive Tim Cook has turned the maker of the iPhone into one of the world’s largest videogame companies.

The key is the App Store, its digital marketplace, where the company sells and distributes thousands of games by other companies and developers, from Epic Games Inc.’s “Fortnite” to Tencent Holdings Ltd. ’s “Honor of Kings”—and takes a 30% cut of sales, The Wall Street Journal reported.

That explains a lot about the tech giant’s current battles with rivals.

Earlier, Apple announced it would not allow Fortnite back on its devices until its legal battle with the video game’s maker, Epic Games, has fully concluded, potentially delaying the game’s return to iPhones by several years.

The move further escalated a months-long court battle between the two companies over Apple’s rules for its App Store and suggests the hugely popular game won’t make it back onto iOS devices until the end of an appeals process. Sweeney said in a tweet that the process could take as long as five years.


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