Palestine (IP) - Another number of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli regime were released within the framework of the temporary ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

Iran PressWest Asia: According to the agreement reached between Hamas and the Israeli regime with the mediation of Qatar, 150 Palestinian women and children prisoners are to be released from the prisons of the Israeli regime in several stages. The release process started on Saturday.

Another number of Palestinian women and children under the age of 19 were released on Sunday night from the Ofer prison west of Ramallah, in the West Bank.

When the families of the Palestinian prisoners and journalists were waiting for the release of the prisoners near the Ofer prison, the Israeli army fired tear gas at them and some were injured.

After their release, some Palestinian prisoners pointed to their torture and said that the Zionists deliberately avoided providing medical and treatment services to Palestinian prisoners.

The prisoners stated that they could not be happy because of the brutal attacks of the Israeli regime on Gaza and other Palestinian areas.

At the request of Russia, the United Nations Security Council is going to hold a closed session on Monday to review the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Regional and international political efforts continue to keep the ceasefire in Gaza, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar has expressed optimism that this agreement will be extended to allow humanitarian services reach to the residents of the Gaza Strip.


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