Tehran (IP) - Iran's deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy announced on Wednesday that the country's oil and gas sector has successfully attracted foreign investment worth of $7.5 billion in the past two years.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a conference on economic security, Mehdi Safari emphasized the importance of exports as a key driver for earning hard currencies, stating that efforts must be made to enhance sustainable export capabilities.

Safari highlighted the incumbent administration's commitment to altering transit routes, noting that during the president's recent visit to China, both nations agreed to change the route for transiting Iranian products. This move is expected to impact trade between Iran and China positively.

Furthermore, Safari emphasized the government's prioritization of relations with neighboring countries and its efforts to strengthen ties with China, Russia, India, and African and Latin American states. These initiatives aim to expand export opportunities in sustainable markets.

The Iranian government's focus on attracting foreign investment into its oil and gas sector demonstrates its commitment to fostering economic growth and stability. With $7.5 billion already secured within just two years, it is evident that Iran is successfully positioning itself as an attractive destination for international investors seeking opportunities in the energy sector.

As Iran continues to strengthen its economic ties with key global players and explore new markets for its exports, it is poised to enhance further its position as a significant player in the global energy landscape.


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