While appreciating Tehran's support to Damascus, the Syrian Foreign Minister said that the two countries plan to expand their economic relations to counter Western sanctions.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Islamic Republic of Iran has a strategic cooperation with Syria, and Tehran's support for the legitimate government of this country during the Syrian crisis and helping the Assad government in the process of fighting various terrorist groups is proof of this.

After the defeat of ISIS, the relations between Syria and Iran have now expanded and diversified, and there are clear prospects for the development of these relations in all fields.

On Saturday evening in a joint press conference with Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Faisal Mekdad, added: "These meetings are held in a situation where the region is facing continuous changes and countries are facing challenges from Western countries, the US and the Zionist regime."

He added: "In this meeting, we discussed ways to develop economic and commercial ties and strengthen cooperation in all fields in order to counter the unilateral and illegal sanctions of the Westerners."

Al-Mekdad went on to say: "Our coordination with the Islamic Republic of Iran on all regional and international issues shows Iran's commitment to maintaining the integrity of Syria."

Syrian Foreign Minister said thay Damascus and Tehran once again emphasize standing up and supporting the Palestinian nation and condemn the crimes of the Zionist occupation and its supporters.

Al-Maqdad said: "Syria will not forget its martyrs and the encroachment of the enemy on its territory and will respond to the aggression of the Zionist regime".

Regarding the negotiations between Syrian and Turkish officials, he also said: "the meeting between the presidents of Syria and Turkey depends on the resolution of the disputed issues."

Al-Mekdad conculded that in order to hold high-level meetings with Turkish officials, a suitable environment must first be provided. 219