Tehran (IP) - Spokesman of "Zolfaghar 1401" joint drills Brig. Gen. Alireza Sheikh announced the joining of naval and ground forces on the ground on the second day of the exercise.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian Army’s joint military drills, codenamed “Zolfaghar 1401”, began joint naval, air, and ground exercises in the Persian Gulf on Friday near the strategic Strait of Hormuz waterway.

The drills involve submarines and drones practicing information-gathering operations against attacking forces as well as reconnaissance operations.

Spokesman of "Zolfaghar 1401" joint drills Brigadier General Alireza Sheikh detailed the second day of the Iranian Army units' exercise in Jask port, Hormozgan province in the southern part of the country.

Alireza Sheikh said in an interview with Iran Press: "Today, there are many tasks on the agenda, one part has been done so far and the second part will be done in the night."

"Naval and ground force joining operations will be conducted on the ground, and situational development will take place so that forces can capture predetermined objectives," noted the spokesman.

At this stage, according to the spokesperson, the combination of various forces in the operation scene and multiple systems together, including long, short, and medium-range missiles, and various multi-purpose destruction drones carried out with various warheads and multiple flight lengths.

Different forces from different parts of the country move to the training area and reach the desired point, and the movement prepares the ground for the development and advance of the forces.

This phase of the exercise is more complicated because different systems have to be focused on the same target. Therefore, the combination of these systems in a certain period of time is a professional and specialized task that our specialists at the Zolfaghar camp have a mission to do.

At the operation, the drones of attacking forces, which intended to enter the general area of the exercise, were detected, identified, and intercepted by the country’s air defense systems and then were shot down by the successful firing of rockets and artillery shells from “Majid” and “Khatam” systems.

Ababil 5 drones destroy simulated target on coast

Recently joined the Navy's drone unit, the Ababil 5 assault drone participated in the annual army exercise for the first time and successfully destroyed the targets in the sea by firing 'Qaem' missiles.

Qaem is a type of miniature guided rocket, which is equipped with two types of warheads; optical and thermal. The rocket is currently installed on Mohajer 6, Ababil 4, Ababil 5, and Kaman 12 drones. 

Also, the battel-reconnaissance drone Kaman 12 carried out an attack operation in the drill. The drone is capable of carrying out operations in different atmospheric situations and performing swarm flight while being able to command and control the battle and carry out intelligence deception, surveillance, targeting, electronic warfare, eavesdropping and interception, destruction, and suppression of defense systems.

The three-day drills involved all four branches of the Iranian Army.


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