The head of Iran's Intifada and Quds Headquarters announced that Israel was defeated in the attack from three axes on Gaza within 4 hours with the resistance of the Hamas forces.

Iran PressIran news: In the meeting to review and analyze developments in the occupied territories, Brigadier-General Ramazan Sharif said that the balance of power in the occupied territories has shifted in favor of the Palestinian people, and the Al-Aqsa storm has marked a new chapter for the Palestinian people

Ramzan Sharif added that the intelligence and security system of the Israeli regime collapsed, and its army, which considered itself a powerful military force, did not have the spirit to be on the battlefield, and a large part of the settlers who were army reserves did not respond to the call of Israel.

Referring to the resistance forces' knowledge of the Israeli regime's weaknesses, he clarified that the trained potential of the resistance forces is ready to fight hand-to-hand with the enemy on the ground front.

Brigadier-General Ramazan Sharif stated that the forces of the Israeli regime have extensive military equipment, but the resistance forces have found a way to counter them, and the Israelis have not published any pictures or news of the attack on Gaza due to their defeat on the ground.

Referring to the airstrikes of the Israeli regime and the martyrdom of more than 7 thousand Palestinian women and children, Sharif stated: "During the 75 years of occupation, one of the strategies of the Israeli regime has been to seize the Palestinian lands for the new generations, while currently, we are witnessing demonstrations and condemnation of Israel all over the world. 219

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