A spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Hami Aksoy told reporters on Friday that the trilateral meeting of the presidents of Turkey, Iran, and Russia will focus on Syria.

Iran PressAsia: Hami Aksoy said the meeting has been put on the agenda of Turkish Foreign ministry, yet its holding date has not been determined. 

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu also said the meeting this time is to be hosted by Iran which could be held after the corona pandemic passed, noting a virtual meeting can be held during the period. 

Some regional observers believe that the region's problems and crises can only be resolved through dialogue and collective efforts and that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been one of the founders of such movements and welcomed the initiatives of other countries of the region.

The Syrian crisis began in 2011 with the intervention of some countries in the region and their sending weapons and foreign extremist mercenaries from all over the world to Syria, and some international actors such as the United States and Saudi Arabia supported the terrorist groups in Syria, causing the Syrian crisis continues after 9 years.

In the last two years, the Syrian government has cleared large parts of the country of such notorious terrorist groups as ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra.


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