Lahore- (IP)- The residents in Lahore, Pakistan, are currently drawn to a two-day exhibition showcasing the country's and Iran's cultural diversities in one location.

Iran press/ Asia: The Government of Punjab is organizing the event in collaboration with the Cultural Consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Numerous artists from both countries displayed their creative works, including؛ calligraphy, painting, photography, handicrafts, silk work, cuisine, and sculpture.

Many visitors supported the artists on the exhibition's opening day. The exhibition's organization impressed the attendees, which showcased Pak-Iran relations and featured captivating photos of Iran's historic cities, such as Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz. Both men and women were particularly interested in the enamels from Isfahan.

According to the participants and artists involved, this initiative has been highly praised for its ability to foster closer relations between the two countries. In addition to promoting trade, it is also expected to generate interest in tourism for citizens of both Iran and Pakistan.

The organizers told Iran Press that the exchange of cultural heritage would be the best way to strengthen Pakistan-Iran relations and also to aware the new generation of ancient traditions of our history and the great Empire of Persia.


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