IAOMUP condemns Killing of Muslims in India

Tehran (IP) - The International Association of Muslim University Professors (IAOMUP) in a statement condemned the killing of Muslims in India.

Iran Press/Iran news: Condemning recent violence against Indian Muslims, the association asked the international community to end their silence over the recent killings.

The statement noted:

"Distinguished Professors of Universities around the world;

In the past few days, at least 43 innocent people have been burnt in the rage of extremist Hindus in India. Numerous mosques were set on fire and dozens of houses and shops were ruined. Many of these victims were brutally beaten to death with sticks and stones, as their relatives waited for police to help them. The recent crimes in the Northeast district of New Delhi began with a peaceful demonstration in protest at a new law passed in India. 

The right-wing parties and their extremist branches threatened the protesters that if the government did not stop the protests, they would do so themselves. With the inactive Indian security authorities seemingly paralysed, the protesters were brutally attacked by supporters of the new Indian citizenship law. India's Muslims have not been silent since the passage of the law in December 2019 that grants non-Muslim immigrants from neighbouring countries Indian citizenship.

They are well aware that the next step in this law is to deprive a large number of Indian Muslims of their citizenship rights, on the pretext of being immigrants, and to discriminate against them. For those following India's developments during the past six months, it is clear that right-wing Indian politicians have started an Islamophobia project by abolishing the special status and autonomy of the Muslim-majority region of Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019 and ending other policies. The case of the Babri Mosque followed by denial of citizenship to Indian Muslims from Assam state and eventually the ratification of a new controversial citizenship law discriminating against Muslims are all indicative of an anti-Muslim climate in India. The Muslims of India have quite rightly raised their voices of protest against these policies. The International Association of Muslim University Professors (IAOMUP) has strongly condemned the killings, urging the Indian government to fulfill its legal and humanitarian duty to protect the lives of the Muslim minority in the country and by revising the Islamophobia and wrong policies that created the current situation and uproot the violence against Muslims.

 In the end, IAOMUP calls on international institutions and world bodies to end their silence over the recent killings."


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