Tehran(IP): Iran's six president and today's Presidential hope ful said all of the issues and the problem of Iran are solvable by making maximum use of national capacities .

Iran Press/Iran news:  On the side lines of registering his name as presidential hopeful for the snap presidential elections Iran's 6th President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said: " I am aware of the gap between the current situation and the desired situation, and the responsibility and motivation that I feel to change and improve the situation is in balance with a deep awareness of the severity of the country's various problems and issues."

Ahmadi Nejad added: All the issues of the country can be solved by making maximum use of national capacities and basing them on the opinion of the general public, empathy and collective cooperation, using the views and experiences of knowledgeable professors and efficient specialists in the light of peaceful coexistence and constructive interaction with the world as well as prioritizing the development of relations in the international arena . 


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