Tehran (IP)- The 12th Fajr fashion and clothing festival was wrapped up on January 25, 2024.

Iran PressIran News: Attending the event, Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said: "Our effort is to maintain legal and local standards in the field of fashion clothing."

He said that Iranian culture is greatly rich and steeped in history.

He emphasized that in historical paintings and all our significant ancient works, no man or woman has been depicted with unconventional clothing because the Iranian culture appreciated fine taste in clothing.

Iranian Minister also stated: "If the modern West with its materialistic and hedonistic Western civilization is inclined towards nudity, our authentic Iranian and Islamic culture is rich with several thousand years of history in descent respectful clothing.

It should be noted that the opening ceremony of the festival was held on the 18 of January at Saadabad-Cultural Complex in Tehran. 219

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