Mar 26, 2019 08:28 Asia/Tehran

Despite declarations by Hamas that a ceasefire was to go into effect on Monday evening, Israel strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Palestinian Health Ministry said at least seven Palestinians were injured in the latest attacks by the Israeli army.

Earlier, Israel’s air force targeted the office of Palestinian Resistance Movement (Hamas) leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, Press TV reported.

Israel also deployed additional troops near the Gaza Strip. In response, Palestinian resistance fighters fired 10 rockets into Israel from Gaza.

Later Hamas said it had reached an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel.

Hamas sources say Palestinian factions will be bound to it if Israel doesn't strike.

The new Israeli aggression against the coastal enclave came after Tel Aviv authorities said earlier on Monday that a long-range rocket launched from the Gaza Strip had struck an area near Tel Aviv in central Israel, wounding seven people.

The early morning attack on Mishmeret, an agricultural town north of Tel Aviv, came a day after Israeli warplanes bombed the besieged enclave ahead of the anniversary of 'the Right of Return' protests at the weekend.

It forced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cut short his trip to Washington immediately after meeting US President Donald Trump later on Monday, his office said. 

The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli land, air and sea siege since 2006, and residents of this narrow strip of land face a lot of problems. 104/209

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