Feb 13, 2019 07:37 Asia/Tehran
  • Any military base in Iraqi territory is unacceptable: Iraqi PM

Iraqi Prime Minister said that Baghdad does not accept the existence of a foreign base in Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: Adel Abdul Mahdi in a meeting with US acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan in Baghdad, emphasized the basic accords between the two countries, which includes fighting against terrorism and the training of Iraqi forces.

Adel Abdul Mahdi also said that the decision of Iraq is independent and is not affected by any influence and dictation of any other party, Iran Press reported.

The acting United States defense secretary, Patrick M. Shanahan, arrived in Baghdad early Tuesday for an unannounced visit with Iraqi leaders to discuss the American troop presence in the country.

As he left Washington, Shanahan did not say whether he would ask Iraq to host some of the special operations troops now fighting in Syria. However, there has been a discussion about that possibility in military circles both in Baghdad and Washington. 

Shanahan’s visit occurred as the Trump administration seeks to wind down the operation against ISIS, the extremist group that took over large swathes of Iraq and Syria in 2014. It also follows a political outcry generated by Trump’s recent suggestion that he might want to maintain a military presence in Iraq to "watch Iran."

Iraqi President said that US president Donald Trump did not ask Iraq permission to watch Iran.

Barham Salih added that the Iraqi constitution rejects the use of Iraq as a base for hitting or attacking a neighboring country. 101/ 211 /202


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