Dec 08, 2018 07:34 Asia/Tehran
  • US-led coalition destroys hospital in Syria, 8 killed

The US-led coalition has killed at least eight civilians in an attack on a hospital in eastern Syria.

Iran PressMiddle East: The US-led coalition has completely destroyed the only hospital in eastern Syria, killing at least eight civilians.

According to SANA news agency, the eight civilians were killed by airstrikes on the town of Hajin in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour province on Friday morning.

The report spelled no details about possible casualties as a result of the hospital's targeting.

Also on Wednesday, US-led airstrike has killed at least five civilians, and injured tens in Hajjin village.

The US-led coalition airstrikes are in support of Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia in that part of the country.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said the SDF captured half of Hajin amid heavy shelling.

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Damascus has repeatedly called for a halt to the US-led bombing campaign, condemning it as a violation of its sovereignty.

Recently, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates addressed the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the former rotating president of the UN Security Council Ma Zhaoxu in two separate letters and asked them to fulfill their responsibilities and stop US-led aerial assaults.

The ministry also called on the world body to propose an international, independent and impartial mechanism to investigate the crimes being perpetrated by the so-called US-led coalition.101/210/211

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