Nov 09, 2018 17:24 Asia/Tehran

Palestinians continued with their 'Great March of Return' protests on Friday, in Khan Younis, in the Gaza strip.

According to an Iran Press report, protesters gathered in large numbers for the 33rd consecutive week, calling for the restoration of the long-denied rights of Palestinian refugees who want to return to their ancestral homeland in occupied Palestine.

The 33rd Great March of Return with at least seven Palestinian protesters being shot and injured by the Israeli army today.

The theme of this week's protests was "The march will go on". Thousands of Palestinians gathered along the border fence with Israel to take part in Friday's protests.

The 'Great March of Return' protests started on 30 March 2018, and up until now, 233 unarmed Palestinian protesters have been shot and martyred by the Zionist military, with a further 24,500 being injured.  Israeli soldiers and snipers use 'live rounds' against unarmed peaceful protesters, something which has widely condemned by the international community.

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