Nov 04, 2018 07:08 Asia/Tehran
  • US embassy in Baghdad notified of Iraq's position regarding anti-Iran sanctions

In a statement issued on Saturday night Iraqi foreign ministry described Washington's anti-Iran sanctions as 'unilateral'.

Iran Press/ Middle East: In the statement, Iraqi foreign ministry spokesman Amded Mahjoub said the ministry had been informed of a statement issued by the American embassy in Baghdad on the beginning of new round of US sanctions against Iran.

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Mahjoub said the Iraqi foreign ministry would like to note that the second part of the US embassy's statement ran counter to diplomatic norms and mutual respect for the country's sovereignty as a basic principle of international law, reported IRNA.

The spokesman made it clear that Iraq does not accept any interference with its internal affairs particularly those sections concerning structural reform of its security forces which are under command of the prime minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The statement of the Iraqi foreign ministry expressed hope that the US embassy in Baghdad would omit those parts of its statement which were incompatible with diplomatic norms and would refrain from repeating it in the future.

The Trump administration is set to reimpose all sanctions against Iran that had been lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear agreement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

Speaking alongside US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Pompeo added: "Our ultimate aim is to compel Iran to permanently abandon its well-documented outlaw activities and behave as a normal country.

US President Donald Trump then tweeted a photo of himself with the words: "Sanctions are coming," a play on the well-known "Game of Thrones" saying, "Winter is coming." 

 However; on November 3,  France, Germany, Britain and the European Union issued a joint condemnation of the United States’ move to place fresh sanctions on the Iranian economy, vowing to protect European companies doing "legitimate" business with Tehran.

In a joint statement issued on Friday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and the E3 ministers of foreign affairs and finance expressed “deep regret” over the reimposition of unilateral US sanctions on Iran and vowed to preserve and maintain “effective financial channels with Iran, and the continuation of Iran’s export of oil and gas.”

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Iran said the United States is seeking to wage an extensive “psychological war” against Tehran by imposing a fresh round of sanctions, stressing that the Islamic Republic has no concerns over such US bids.  203/103



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