Sep 16, 2018 11:29 Asia/Tehran
  • Local and provincial council elections get underway in Syria

With calm and stability returning to different parts of Syria, local and provincial council elections were held on Sunday morning.

Iran Press- Middle East/ The polling centres opened from seven in the morning on Sunday and people from across the country, from cities, towns, and villages lined up to vote.

While covering the elections, the Syrian News Channel, also known as Al-Ikhbariyah Syria has provided the Syrian people with information and coverage of local and provincial council elections.

Al-Ikhbariyah images show the enthusiastic presence of the Syrian people in local and provincial council elections. Forty thousand candidates are competing  for more than 18 thousand seats.

Voting is continued until seven o'clock in the afternoon and, if necessary, can be renewed for a further five hours, until midnight..

Syrian authorities have urged the people to provide legal mechanisms to ensure stability in the country, with maximum participation in elections.

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