Aug 17, 2018 14:40 Asia/Tehran

The Iraq president, Fouad Ma'soum has emphasised that prime minister Haidar al-Ebadi does not abide by US decisions or follow orders from Washington.

According to an Iran Press report, in an interview with al-Aalam television network on Thursday night,  Iraqi president, Fouad Ma'soum, stressed that some decisions are taken which Baghdad may not aggrre to, and such decisions are outside the control of the Iraqi government; a case in point being reimposition of US sanctions against Iran.

In further comments the Iraqi president called for  safeguarding and strengthening of 'historic ties between Tehran and Baghdad, and emphasised that Iraqi officials are "unhappy about Donald Trump's unilateral sanctions against Iran."

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In further remarks , Fouad Ma'soum said  US  sanctions will have no effect whatsoever on commercial and economic relations between Tehran and Baghdad, stressing that both countries enjoy deep-rooted ties , and that political, social and historic  ties between the two countries  will be further extended and expanded.

Commenting further  Ma'soum said US sanctions against Iran  are also detrimental to Iraq'.

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