Aug 16, 2018 07:10 Asia/Tehran
  • Syrian Army attacks terrorists in Idlib, many killed

Scores of terrorists have been killed in Syrian Army's operations in the southeastern part of Idlib province.

Iran Press/Iran: Syrian army directed artillery attacks on Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group gatherings in Sarja and Um Rjim towns in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, killing scores of terrorists.

In the Syrian army artillery attacks also many other terrorists have been injured.

The reporter added that vehicles affiliated to al-Nusra were destroyed and scores of terrorists were killed in the towns of al-Tah and al-Tamania in parallel with the destruction of an operations site along with all terrorists inside it, including the terrorists’ leader Khaled al-Wazer, aka “Abu Obada”.

Meanwhile, Syrian army units on Tuesday in cooperation with supporting forces, are closing in on terrorists in al-Safa hills area after establishing control over Oum Mardakh area northwest of the hills, targeting the terrorists’ fortified positions and movements and preventing any attempt to break through the perimeter established around them.

Another unit clashed with a group of ISIS terrorists that attempted to break through and attack military positions south of the hills near al-Rahba village, resulting in foiling the attack, leaving 5 terrorists dead, apprehending a terrorist, and destroying their weapons and ammo, while the remaining terrorists fled through the rough terrain towards their hideouts in the hills.

Three days ago, in the explosion in town of Sarmada in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib 50 people, including children, have been killed.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) in Feb 27 announced that 156 terrorists were killed in clashes between terrorist groups in Idlib and Aleppo.

Recently, hundreds of terrorists and their families evacuated from southern Syria arrived on Saturday in the northwest of the country.

About 1.2 million Syrian refugees have returned to their homes since September 2015.

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