Aug 07, 2018 20:57 Asia/Tehran
  • Terrorists in Hama taken into custody by Syrian Army

Units of the Syrian Arab Army destroyed fortified sites of terrorists in the far northern countryside of Hama province and cut off their supply routes in the direction of Idleb’s southern countryside, according to Syria's 'SANA' news agency.

Iran press-According to IRNA news agency  quoting 'SANA , Syrian army units directed artillery strikes on terrorists’ fortified sites and supply routes in the village of Lahaya and al-Latamina town, about 35 km to the north of Hama city, destroying their positions which were used for monitoring, attacking, and infiltrating the army’s posts in the area.

Scores of terrorists were killed and others were injured due to the strikes, in addition to the destruction of their weapons and ammunition.

Hama is a city on the banks of the Orontes River in west-central Syria. It is located 213 km north of Damascus and 46 kilometres north of Homs. It is the provincial capital of the Hama Governorate. 

On Friday Aug 3,2018 government forces foiled a terrorist attack on Syrian army posts on the axis of the visit – projects in the Al-Ghab plain and shelled with artillery, rockets, mines, supply lines and axes in the towns.


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