Jul 12, 2018 18:41 Asia/Tehran
  • At least two civilians martyred in 21 Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen

At least two Yemeni civilians were killed when 21 Saudi-led airstrikes and ground attacks targeted civilian residential areas in several provinces of Yemen, over a period of 24 hours.

In Lahj province, two civilians were killed when two airstrikes targeted two tankers in Ethnain market of Qabaita district. 

Also in Lahj, the warplanes waged two strikes on Qabaita district. In Saada province, the fighter jets launched three strikes on Aal-Waqash area of Saqain district. 

Meanwhile, missile and artillery shells targeted residential areas of Razih and Shada border districts, causing heavy damage to civilian’s properties. In Taiz province, three air strikes hit a road between Damnat-Khudair and Salw districts, while an airstrike was waged on a civilian’s home in Salw district. 

Yemeni civilians are struggling to stay alive amid fierce ground and air attacks by Saudi-led coalition on Yemen port of Hodeidah.

Supplies of water and electricity have been disrupted. Hospitals do not have enough doctors and medicines. Worse still, many fear that the flames of war will be burning at the downtown area if street fights break out between the Saudi backed forces and Yemeni army.

The Hodeidah deep sea port on the Red Sea is the base from which badly needed food, water and medicine is distributed to more than 8 million Yemenis, and all sides fear the fighting may result in the destruction of the port’s infrastructure. That would be a tragedy and a disaster for the war-stricken Yemeni people.

There was fierce fighting between the Houthi-led government of yemen,  and mercenary forces loyal to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  There has been fierce fighting near Hodeidah airport south of the city.  The mercenary forces attacking Hodeidah , are being supported by Saudi and UAE  airstrikes.

The Saudi coalition continues its target of civilian sites, vital facilities and infrastructure in its war on Yemen.

In Hodeidah province, the warplanes launched two airstrikes on a civilian’s farm in Jarba area of Duraihimi district. In Hajjah province, two air raids hit Mazroq area of Abs district. 

In Sanaa province, the Saudi-led warplanes launched two airstrikes on Sanaa international airport. 

Also in Sanaa, three airstrikes were waged on several areas of Nehm district. In the border province of Najran, a Saudi-led coalition aggression airstrike was waged on Talaa site. 

Recently, Syrian air defences downed two Israeli missiles in the Kisweh region.

The attack took place shortly after Israeli missiles targeted Syrian army positions in the Kisweh area south of the capital city Damascus.

In the previous  months , Syria  announced that several of its military bases located in the provinces of Hama and Aleppo have come under missile fire.  

Over the past few years, the Israeli military has launched sporadic attacks against various targets on Syrian soil, in assaults slammed by Syria as attempts to boost terrorist groups who have been suffering heavy defeats on the battlefield with Syrian government forces.