Jun 12, 2018 15:02 Asia/Tehran
  • Six killed in U.S. bombing of village near Hasaka, Syria

Fresh bombing by US-led coalition warplanes on Tuesday claimed the lives of at least six Syrian villagers near Hasaka in the north east of the country. At least five people were wounded in this airstrike.

Syria's Al-Akhbariya television channel has reported that six civilians were killed and five more were wounded  when US warplanes bombed the village of "Tel al-Jayer", near Hasaka in north eastern Syria.

The incident comes just one day after US-led coalition warplanes bombed a school in a Syria village, killing at least 18 Iraqi refugees who had sought shelter in the school building.  The incident happened in the village of "Khoibireh", south of Hasaka province in north eastern Syria.

The 18 Iraqi refugees , mostly women and children, had fled neighbouring Iraq and had sought refuge in  Syria, after Daesh terrorists (also known as ISIS terrorists ) had attacked their town in western Iraq.

Over 900 Syrian and Iraqi civilians have been killed since the US-Led coalition started its bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.