May 16, 2019 10:48 Asia/Tehran

Tehran (IP) - Psychiatrist at RADOIR said more than three thousand disordered patients are under psychological treatment in Rare Disease foundation of Iran (RADOIR).

Iran Press/Iran news: "I have been working in rare disorder foundation since many years ago, we are supporting patients suffering from different problems. We are looking for most useful ways to treat their psychological problems," said Dr. Hossein Najmi Psychiatrist (MD) at  RADOIR foundation in an exclusive interview with Iran Press.

"What mainly ignored in these patients is psychological aspect disabled patients are involved with inside their family," he noted.

"We usually pay attention to disabled child and one of the members of the family. But we are ignoring mother and father, so after several years instead of one disabled patient, we have two or three of them," Dr. Najmi continued.

RADOIR Psychiatrist reiterated: "So the aim is to support the whole family and reduce the stress they are affected by."

"Affecting by disordering problem on one hand, and financial also psychological aspects of the disease on the other hand, is the reason they need to be supported," he mentioned.

Rare disease foundation (RADOIR) is a centre focused on providing services for rare patients since 2009, among them are psychological support for their family.209/213

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