Apr 09, 2019 19:28 Asia/Tehran

Member of the Cultural Committee of Iranian parliament (Majlis) has described the US blacklisting of IRGC as an unseemly and undiplomatic act.

Iran Press/Iran news: Alireza Ebrahimi called the US move of listing the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization as ill-considered, unwise, ill-judged and undiplomatic in international arena.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency on Tuesday, Ebrahimi also said: "The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC)  arose from the heart of the Iranian revolution, so the Iranian people will defend it and any other organization which is part of the Islamic revolution, with all their might."

He continued: "The IRGC has always defended the ideals of the Islamic revolution and IRGC personnel have always sacrificed themselves in the fight against terrorist groups, and they have never allowed the enemies to rest easily."

Ebrahimi added: "The US supported the ISIS terrorist group in Syria, but it was the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps that defeated this group, so the US who wanted to demonstrate once again its power in the region, had no choice but to engage in such a nasty move."

"Anyway, our people showed that they are united and they would defend the IRGC as a symbol of the Islamic Revolution," he reiterated.

Ebrahimi went on to say that today all MPs from across the political spectrum, by wearing IRGC uniforms showed that they are united and committed to the ideals of the Islamic revolution.


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